Is their any provision for physicaly handicap in AADHAAR CARD?

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Pls guide me for enroling abt physically handicap for aadhaar card. Is their any provision for physically handicap.

How aadhaar card will benefit them?

What are specially abled aadhaar provisions?



Provision for Physically handicapped

Yes.. for sure there is provision for Physically handicapped people for Aadhaar enrolment.
This is an Unique card where in it can used as proof on identity and address. all the Govt. benefits can be drawn using this single card in near future . No need for multiple cards for multiple things...

Adhar card for P.H. persons

I am physically handicap and can not walk or stand in queue for getting Adhar card. Is there any provision that I can contact directly the office in the nearby area to get adhar card? I am resident of Ahmedabad city and living in Isanpur area. Pl. guide me and oblige.


The matter is how should the physically handicap persons avoid standing in queue and get direct entry for getting adhar card. Pl. reply.

Specially abled must be handled with special care

Today national media is reporting the website for blind, on other hand if the Aadhaar making center are not allowed special care to physically handicap, it is pitty.

Every one proactively support the Aadhaar priority for physically handicap in enrol center as well as in back office operations.

I don't know what have they in store in backend

Adhar Card application

Being invalid, the authority promised to collect details from home, but not kept their word. I must have it, please help.

how to make aadhar if i dont have two finges in my hand

Dear Sir,

I am handicapped person and 74 year old, my application for Aadhar was rejected, which was applied vide enrollment no 2043/73008/00163 dated 08/01/2014 12:25:39 may be as i dont have two fingers in my hand, which was cut during my schooling.

Please suggest me the procedure, how to make my Aadar card to get my Gas cyclinder subsidery.
Mahipal singh

Aadhar to physically challenged

How can a person above 75, whose thumb impressions can't be taken because of old age?

bedridden case

Dearest SIr, I have the same issue...did u get your issue resolved.

Adhar Card

Please provide me information regarding adhar card for physically handicapped. I live in Ghaziabad and has not left hand thumb.

problem in getting adhar

Sir iam 38 yrs old my left eye has lost its sight since one operation i under went. And the iris is not being dected during my adhar enrolment. 3 times my enrolment has been rejected due to my eye problem. so pls suggest some solution for getting adhar done

aadhar card

My mom is suffering from Rheumatic Arthrities for which she can not stand ,she is 65yrs old it is very difficult to carry her as we stay on the third floor .Is there any provision that the person come and collect the data from my home to make her AAdhar card? I stay in Lonavla Pune dist taluka Maval

I don't have thumb in my left

I don't have thumb in my left hand and the right hand thumb is not 100% working as when previous i gone for making my Adhara card in orissa they told for handicap people it will come seprately because it required administrator to be present their still they don't have given any information kindly tell how i can apply the adhar card.

Aadhar card for old people

My mother is 93 year old. She is bed ridden. she does not have any photo ID proof. She gets family pension of central government. But each time they are asking for ID proof. Is it possible to make her Aadhar card?She is on bed only. Please guide.

No 1 eye of my father.

Thay dont have one eye of my father. So how can apply aadhar of my father.

is there any provision for

is there any provision for the person who has loss her finger to get adhar card as finger print is necessary

Aadhar card

I lost my one finger when i applied for aadhar card they rejected due to finger print not valid what i do for this....

Aadhar card for disabled users, Chief Minister Help

I live in Bangalore and we just got aadhar done at home for my family member who is on a wheelchair. You can avail this home option by sending a mail to I sent the mail on Tuesday night, Wednesday the mail was ecscaled to aadhar team and they called me to arrange the aadhar card enrolment at our house on Thursday. The team came home with printers, biometrics and iris scanning machine and completed the aadhar enrolment within minutes! Super impressed with aadhar officials and quick response, all with one email!! Please use this option if you have any elderly person or any handicap, it works!

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