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Welcome to Online UID Aadhaar Blog Forum Website ! A public platform by public for discussing online unique identity issues and getting help from each other's experience. With main as Identifying The Identity churning High Quality Blogs and Forum Topics intend to be ultimate guide in information, news and views with spirit of development journalism leading to establishing new concept Internet Writer & Internet Author.

The whole thing started with UID India Project designed to put put biometric base data of all persons in Indian land which has now become hot topic in Indian mass. An online platform for public discussion motivated the launch of 'UID Aadhaar' website.

The project of identification belongs to UIDIA - Unique Identification Authority of India working under Planning Commission of India, control all actions as the official apex entity with implement and monitor responsibility.
Indian government launching UID under an Authority of India but the public participation also finds its place specially in online world in form volunteer driven Aadhaar portal website

Today UID India Project is named as Aadhaar by Unique Identification Authority of India.



How 2 apply for UID? Total procedural tutorial online

Plz send me the process of UID card, But making the whole guide online is quite usefull
and list of documents which are required also be made online along with making facility.

Journalist Railway Discount

Indian Railways give concession in fare for bonafide press work, to mediapersons accredited to the Press Information Bureau and other competent authorities. After October 1, 2009, such concession can be availed of by obtaining a Photo Identity Card.

The new system of concession based on Photo Identity card and the increased concession on Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi trains will be effective from 15.10.2009.

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