Know the stages where Aadhaar Status Check is required

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Alert status check ensure delivery, Any step can hamper the Aadhar card posting to your address

Everyone running for unique ID have to face Aadhaar Status exercises, it is very simple stage which depicts about the exact stage of aadhaar number and aadhaar card generation printed version reaching to the applicants in their hand.

Aadhaar Status can be seen from many angle but here the point of focus is the status of aadhaar just after completion of enrollment process in a camp. It means aadhaar applicant has completed aadhaar application form filling and submission to proper authority at enrollment camp, finger print scanning, iris scanning, face photo registration with face recognition camera. Then starts the wait for aadhaar print later arrival.

The first and foremost thing is aadhaar generation and delievery requires various stages. So how will you come to know about the exact point of stage of your aadhaar status. Very simple government authority has provided a beautiful online aadhaar stauts check facility, here is enough details about it.

Now we come to the exact stages of aadhaar status enumerated below :-

- 1 - Resident Enrolled for Aadhaar
- 2 - Enrolment packet uploaded to UIDAI by Enrolling Agency
- 3 - Enrolment Processing Started by UIDAI
- 4 - Enrolment Processing completed by UIDAI
- 5 - Electronic Aadhaar letter generated by UIDAI
- 6 - Electronic Aadhaar letter sent by UIDAI to India Post
- 7 - Electronic Aadhaar letter received by India Post
- 8 - Print Aadhaar letter dispatched from India post to resident
- 9 - Printed Aadhaar delivered to resident by India post

So your journey start with stage one from enrollment camp and ends with India post knocking your door. All above aadhaar status stages have different scenarios and combination which may delay or rejection of aadhaar.

For 1.2 Bn Aadhar status check variety of unforeseen condition possible don't forget to post your own in comment.



The Biometrics AADHAR CARD Online Status inquiry guideline

Please let me know the online process to get me as well as my family members getting enrolled for and receipt of printed Aadhar.

Ashok Kumar Sinha
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How can i know online status and print aadhar card?

not recvd aadhar card,checking status in internet

Dear sir my daughter name sakshi d/o anusuya parsad bhatt
till date we have not recvd sakhi aadhar card what is option on line print, pls check and confirm,

How can i do frommy side online staus checking to get aadhar card position?

anusuya parsad bhatt

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Today ie 21/03/2013 at 3PM I received One time Pin Numbers Three times on my Mobile No. Please let me for what purpose they were to be used.

Not recive to our aadhaar card

Dear sir
I am not riceve ot our aadhaar card so posibal is send to my aadhaar card

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