Aadhaar Identity Not Recognized and UID Theft Situations List

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ID Crisis in Aadhaar Era - Identity Theft is famous crime and regular incidents around world, now Aadhaar Unique Identity have Unrecognized Id and UID Theft problems. Full account of unique identity issues is being made here -

- What happens when you suddenly disappear from Aadhaar card database? Is it ID Theft?
- Simple denial of your identity is very crucial for you. Registered Aadhaar Number Suddenly Becomes “Not found in database”.
- Inactive aadhaar card status is most famous unique identity denial situation which once used to be your own property.
- Aadhar card data does not match with enrolled records.
- No aadhaar record found results is authentication and linking.
- Data Process Error is condition which can deny your aadhaar enrollment case and in such locking circumstances writing to UIDAI, aadhaar number generating authority is only option to go ahead.

- Seqrite is most famous and hyped aadhar security breach story which has sparked fresh initiative on Unique Identity privacy and security movements.
- Aadhaar card lost cases – You don’t have any information about your aadhaar number which is quite familiar scene in Indian society.
- Biomtric Data Change cause your own unique identity denial – Face, Iris and Finger Prints change can kick you out from your own identifying data registered in Aadhaar database CIDR.


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Accidental wrong put me away from aadhaar benefits

There are cases like LPG subsidy, like senior citizen wrongly clicked opt out of LPG subsidy and they are now not getting any money in bank account.
How to restore LPG subsidy once opted by mistake?

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